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About Our Center

Dedicated to providing Christian education to young men and women through loving service. The word “Gifted” stands for:


Inspired abilities 

Fortified with Faith 

Talent expanded through 

Education and 


Throughout these important years, a child grows in the knowledge, attitudes, and skills that will greatly determine the course of his/her life.

Responding to God’s call in their lives and trusting Him for guidance, our director helps our students develop a personal philosophy of life based upon their Christian faith. This philosophy equips them to respond to future challenges and opportunities, confident of God’s presence and purpose in the world, and committed to serving the Lord for the improvement of society. Education that equips children for life with God in eternity also equips them for a useful life in this world.  


Christian education is unsurpassed. We know that our talents and possessions are gifts from God. We also know that God has given humankind the knowledge and ability to explore and cultivate the world. Gifted Academy’s educators are constantly striving to employ methods and materials that insure education of the highest quality possible to increase our students’ knowledge and abilities.


Mission Statement

Gifted Academy Educational Center, founded in 2003, is a college preparatory center rooted in Christian faith and, committed to educating young men and women from diverse backgrounds. We are a faith-centered community dedicated to providing learning that prepares and equips students for NOW and ETERNITY. 


Our mission is to empower our students to meet the demands and challenges of today’s ever changing and morally complex world. 

The education offered by a Gifted Academy Educational Center is unique in that:

  • Its purposes are accomplished through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • There exists a very special student-teacher relationship. Gifted Academy Educational Center’s director sees not simply a child, but also a diamond in the rough. An individual that has his/her future in the palm of their hands. A precious jewel for who Jesus Christ gave His life.

  • All phases of learning are directed toward a single goal-the fulfillment of God’s purpose for this child.

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