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Our Beginning

Gifted Academy Educational Center was founded in 2003. This center was birthed from the disconnect of Christ and education found in many of today's schools. Rooted in Christian principles, Gifted Academy Educational Center was founded to provide a safe-haven and rigorous curriculum to students who desire to embody the fine arts. In it's first year, there were two full-time students and four after school tutoring students all learning from Mrs. Garza's living room.

In 2004, the center offered it's first summer enrichment program, Summer Review. This full day camp was purposed with blending academic reinforcement with summer fun. From morning academics to afternoon fun, Summer Review was a success and became a staple offering. To this day, Summer Review provides mathematics and language arts instruction, arts and crafts, twice-a-week swim days, fast food Thursdays, and Friday field trips. 

During the Spring of 2005, Mrs. Garza's husband constructed a classroom to house the ever expanding center and in the fall of 2005, Gifted Academy Educational Center opened its new doors and expanded enrolling four additional students and providing instruction for two separate grades. Additionally, her after school tutoring began to reach more. In addition to academic assistance, the after school program provided voice and piano lessons as well as dance instruction. As the years progressed, the center incorporated a school house model servicing multiple grades. 

With the learning community ever changing, Gifted Academy Educational Center evolved with the time. Homework Helpers became the newest addition. Providing more than homework assistance, standardize test preparation joined the ranks of services. 

The joy and excitement of Homework Helpers began to spread like fire. From before care to aftercare, the "blue room," as students often reference it, became full and energized with students looking to enhance their classroom performance, excel on standardize tests, obtain their GED, and enter graduate school. Moving students from the bottom of their class to proficient, Homework Helpers has motivated and developed life long learning trends in its students. Our center changed from a learning environment to a home for many.


With promotional ceremonies, proms, and high school graduation ceremonies, Gifted Academy Educational Center cultivates the whole student from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. We look forward to seeing what God has in store as we continue to grow and show the love of the Lord to all God's children. 

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